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Mindsets & Habits of Great Communicators

In this course, you will learn about the mindsets and habits of great communicators, including:

  • a quick and effective warm-up routine to manage nervousness and gain focus before speaking in public or other high-stakes situations
  • how to identify and remove the blocks to your confidence, quiet the inner critic, and shift counterproductive negative self-talk, views of others, and labels
  • how to understand your operating system so you can decide what's working for you and what you want to change for better results
  • increasing your empathy and curiosity in all situations
  • habits to create to show up at your best in your daily life and for big events
  • counterproductive communication habits that waste your time and diminish others’ view of you, and how to eliminate them
  • and how to edit your inputs so you have more control over what you feed your mind

After completing this course, you should feel positive shifts in terms of clarity and confidence and your ability to analyze what’s needed in various situations.

You will receive six training videos, digital tools and checklists to take what you learn and put it into action, and some bonus material.

Shifting your mindsets and habits is the most important step to becoming a better communicator and building greater confidence!

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